Monday, July 17, 2006

3. Life Cannot Form Spontaneously Anyway.

Without intelligent, creative input, lifeless chemicals cannot form themselves into living things. The idea that they can is the theory of spontaneous generation, disproved by the great creationist founder of microbiology, Louis Pasteur.

Without unfounded evolutionary speculation, ufology would not have its present grip on the public's imagination.

Sign of Design: Rape is the latest and one of the most serious sins to be assigned an evolutionary explaination. Despite the protests of many, the view that rape is "natural" - to be avoided, certainly, but fully attributable to evolved instincts - is currently getting a strong worldwide hearing.


Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I love the picture! Some scientists need to rethink the source of their information -- proven fact or invented theories.


BrittLeigh said...

What I could never figure out with the evolutionary theories is how can something so complex, so orderly and functional as the earth come from confusion? The simple fact of life is that things tend toward decay. And since when has an explosion brought about order?

Great post. And the sign of design about rape is proof of the serious moral decay in our culture can be highly attributed to the evolution theory. Scary, huh?