Monday, July 10, 2006

2. Conditions Must be "Just Right."

Life on any planet can only survive provided a great number of very stringent requirements are met. For example, a planet has to be at just the right distance from it's sun, so as to be neither too hot nor too cold. In particular, it must be in a very narrow temperature range so that liquid water exsists.

Even if recent "findings" of planets around other stars are confirmed, it is extremely improbable that any of them would fulfill all the requirements needed for life. Just having liquid water is completely insufficient, despite the excitement created when such was possibly detected on the surface of jupiter's moon, Europa.

Sign of Design: Could God have used evolution? It depends. For the true God, the answer is no - for He cannot lie, and He told us plainly what He did.


Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I am sure I left a comment in here earlier, but it has disappeared. I wonder what I did wrong?

Anyway, I said that scientists can not even begin to comprehend the full list of things that make our earth "just right" for life. I really like the picture. It looks like a flower!


Kaitlin said...

I LOVE that Sign of Desgin!!! I've often wondered whether God could have used evolution if He wanted but now I know for sure!