Thursday, April 13, 2006


During Easter, we remember and commemorate Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection… especially the resurrection. Jesus’ lives and everyone needs to know it.

If Christ does not live, we can’t have eternal life. If He wasn’t buried, some could say He didn’t die. If He didn’t die, He couldn’t have risen again.

Christ’s Death

Christ died a horrible death, a death we can’t imagine. Now many other people have been crucified in the past and people can still be crucified, but no one can ever say they will be crucified sinless, or bear the sins of the world as Christ did.

Jesus is the only human to ever live a perfect and holy life, and had never experienced separation from God or felt the guilt of sin. On that day, two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ hung on that cross and bore every sin imaginable and, for the first & only time, was separated from God.

Jesus died, but that didn’t save anyone.

Christ’s Burial

Jesus was buried. And to insure He stayed buried, His tomb was sealed with a large stone and soldiers were assigned to guard it.

Jesus was dead for three days; even pagans considered a man dead after three days. Christ was dead.

Christ died and was buried, but this didn’t save a single person.

Christ’s Resurrection

After three days in the tomb, Jesus defeated death. He faced dark, cold, death head on and walked away with only superficial wounds. That battle was won before it even began.

Jesus is alive! He Lives so that those who will believe in Him as their savior can have eternal life. If you trust Him as your savior from eternal death, you can have everlasting life.

Jesus Christ died, was buried, and resurrected. Because of this, anyone that calls on His name will be saved from final death.


Sparky's Baseball said...

This is awesome Zach. What a day, huh. Have a great Easter Sunday, and hopefully the bunny won't take over too much this year.

Michael (Elizabeth's cousin) said...

I like it! I believe it! I liked your article.

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Your explanation of Christ's death and resurrection was great. Thank you!


Kristin said...

Happy Easter Zachary!

I liked your post too :)