Monday, June 19, 2006

What Does the Bible Say? (part 2 of 2)

Continuation of What Does the Bible Say? (part 1 of 2)

There are other reasonable suggestions as to the identity of the "sons of God and the nephilim. Interestingly, the word nephilim is used only here and in Numbers 13:33, where it clearly refers to the descendants of Anak, who were big people, but still people.

Furthermore, "sons of God" is not used exclusively of angels, the children of Israel are called "the sons of the living God" in Hosea 1:10 (see also Psalm 73:15 ; 80:17).

Some Bible scholars, such as H.C. Leupold, believe that the "sons of God" were descendants of Seth, the godly line who are detailed in the preceding chapter (Genesis 4:25 - 5:32). Leupold wrote, "But who were these 'sons of god'? Without a doubt, the Sethites."

From this point of view, the descendants of Seth became wayward and married the "daughters of men" indiscriminately, basing their choice only on appearance, without concern for godliness, and the nephilim were their offspring.

Rulers in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia often proclaimed themselves as "sons of God" to enhance their power and prestige. So, another view with much support is that the "sons of God" were power-hungry rulers and despots, who, in their hunger for power and influence, took many wives in polygamy. They, and their offspring, through tyranny, became "mighty men." (Nimrod was described as such a "mighty one" in Genesis 10:8.)

So, there is no need to resort to fanciful suggestions involving aliens to understand this passage of Scripture.

Sign of Design: The discovery of a portion of modern parrot jaw in a rock which is assumed by evolutionist to be 70 million years old has caused some controversy. Evolutionists have long believed that such "modern" types of birds had not evolved back in the alleged time when dinosaurs roamed the earth (specifically, the Cretaceous period). Not only is the fossil in question shaped like a parrot's jaw, x - rays reveal a K - shaped impression (blood vessel and nerve tracks) identical to , and characteristic of, modern parrots.


David Ketter said...

Aliens? No...Demons? Yes...

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

That scripture has always confused me, but I know one thing. They were not aliens! Great post, Zac!