Sunday, March 12, 2006

Regenerate Our Culture

Regenerate Our Culture is an organization with the goal of regenerating our nation’s worldview away from the post-modernism holding it and back to the Christian worldview it was first built on.

Edmund Burke famously said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” - and this is the root of much of the evil in our culture today.

This can only be changed if Christians begin to speak out strongly for the Biblical worldview. Leadership includes dedicated bloggers such as AgentTim Online and Spunky Junior. If we truly want to change our culture, Christian bloggers need to begin working together for their common goal. In order to truly regenerate the culture for Christ, we’re going to have to team up.

Join now - Regenerate Our


Sparky's Baseball said...

Hey Zac,

We just got back from a week of house-hunting, but the selection is rather distasteful. I think we'll be out of Davenport in two weeks. You know the airplane software, uh, the simulator? Would you recommend it for a computer gamer?

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Wholesome Works is starting to look personalized. Good job! Your index looks organized, and the pictures add your personality.


Wholesome Works said...


Did you get my e-mail? I answered your questions in it.

I’ll be praying about your moving situation.


Wholesome Works said...


Thank you.
I appreciate your encouragement.


Twain on the Move said...

I haven't checked the e-mail. Will check today. Thanks for responding. will check back hopefully soon, with the move and all.

God bless,