Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Photo Contest

I don't know about my readers (if I have any), but I enjoy taking photos. I do know that a few who populate my sidebar take pics and I have seen some great photos on their blogs. Anyway after a friend prompted me to enter a photo contest, I did and, to my surprise, I received some ribbons. One of the three photos above was supposed to show, but didn't make it and of the other two pictures one got an award of merit (the highest award given in the contest) and an honorable mention.

I'm not telling what got what because want to know your preference. So if you would like to vote on your favorite, hop on over to my other blog and leave a comment. Be sure check back next week for the official judge's verdict.

By the way, these photos are for sale if you would like to have one for your wall. Just drop me an email at wholesomeworks[at]cableone[dot]net if your interested.

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