Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas from Oklahoma

Merry Christmas!

To keep loading times low, I decided to just narrate each picture with the story of my day and include a link to them.
Hope you enjoy them.

I started at home with a quick picture of our tiny pond and tree.

After breakfast, I decided to visit a friend of mine who lives a few miles away. Here's a picture of the bridge I have to cross to get to my friend's house.

And this is the shoreline as seen from the bridge.

One of the many ponds on the way to my friend's.

Another pond near my friend's driveway.

My friend's driveway.

One more view of the driveway.

After brief chat, I ventured out of my friend's house to take pictures of their beautiful land.

More of that picturesque landscape.

I love the look of these trees.

A nice picture of the big one.

On my way down the big hill.

I thought this tree was very interesting.

My first glimpse of pond #2 which resides on my friend's land.

The rocky hill as seen from the bottom.

My first look at pond #1.

During my trek, I came along this little evergreen growing out from between the rocks. What a tough little tree.

I don't why, but I couldn't pass by this rock without a picture.

East side of pond #2.

A good look at the submerged fence in pond #2.

Pond #2

West side of pond #2.

It may be 15 foot tall, but it is still a great looking Christmas tree.

Another look at that interesting tree.

I "shot" some ducks while I was at pond #1. If you don't see them, keep looking they're hard to see, but there.

Pond #1

Going up the hill.

It amazed me how much the weather had changed by the time I went home.

A different angle on bridge.

Almost home...

I made it home, and what a fun day it had been too.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Katie Marie said...

Oh, you have much more snow that I do down in Shawnee.

And that rock you couldn't pass by--it looks like a big woolly mammoth!

-Katie Marie

Katie Marie said...

*than I do