Monday, February 27, 2006

The Earth is Round

“It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth…”

(emphasis added)
ISAIAH 40:22 (KJV)

“He hath compassed the waters with bounds,
until the day and the night come to an end.”

(emphasis added)
JOB 26:10 (KJV)

Isaiah says that the earth is a circle. From space, the earth always appears to be a circle since it is round.

Job says God has compassed, or drawn a circle on, the waters with a boundary of light and dark. This boundary is where evening and morning occur. The boundary is also a circle.

Isaiah is believed to have been written in about 700 B.C., Job, 1500 B.C. Modern science wasn’t certain the earth was round, until Magellan sailed around the world in the 1500’s. The time difference between Magellan and Isaiah was over 2,000 years. The difference between Job and Magellan was about 3,000 years. It seems Job and Isaiah had a pretty good head start on science. Announcing with certainty that the earth was round, when human science wouldn’t be sure for thousands of years.

Food for thought: Genesis 2:7 (KJV) “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground…”

In November of 1982, Readers Digest published an article entitled, How Life on Earth Began. In the article they stated that according NASA’s Ames Research Center, all of the ingredients needed to make a human being can be found in clay...

they also said the biblical account wasn’t “far off the mark”.


Mathias said...

Great post!
I've heard these things before, but MAN, it's awesome to be reminded once in a while!
Really, I feel thrilled right now, just because your post makes me see God's majesty and power all over again. Amazing, God truly is wonderful.

Be blessed on this day, fellow christian blogger! And greetings from a christian blogger in Finland :)

Twain/Sparky said...

Hey Zac,

Good column! I do wish scientists would have figured this out sooner, as you stated. Why would God make a flat earth anyway? Oh, and that important news. We are moving to Blue Springs, Missouri, about 5-6 miles from Kansas City, Missouri. That is only 4 hrs. from Ponca. So look for us sometime. Who knows, maybe this summer we'll be down there for a week or two.

Wholesome Works said...


I think it's great that your moving closer to Oklahoma!

Thanks for the comment.


Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Great post! I especially liked hearing about the Reader's Digest article. I wonder how Job and Isaiah became aware of the roundness of the earth. Did God reveal it to them, or was their science just more advanced than they are often given credit for?


Wholesome Works said...


I believe it was God that told Job and Isaiah the world was round.

Although, I think their science was more advanced than they get credit for, these were big "facts" to put in the bible, if these verses were just their theory. They had no way (other than God)to know the earth is round. Imagine if they, proclaiming to know God, were proven wrong.


Anonymous said...

Modern science wasn’t certain the earth was round, until Magellan sailed around the world in the 1500’s

Except for the ancient Greeks who knew about it by the 5th century BC at the absolute latest. Aristotle talked about the sphericity of the earth as old knowledge in the early 4th century BC. Eratosthenes correctly computed the circumference of the earth sometime before 200 BC.

Anonymous said...

The Earth is a sphere not a circle. Circles are, in fact, flat. Those bible quotes like all bible quotes can be interpeted in several ways there's no way of knowing the author's true intention.